Suzuki: Nurtured by Love

Suzuki had an incredible idea when he related the idea of native language to learning music.  It is remarkable that children are fluent in their native tongue despite the difficulty of the language. They have been trained since birth to be able to speak it.  Suzuki believed that this was just like music.  Children should be educated in music from a young age with appropriate methods for them.  Just because a person does not do well in music does not mean that they do not have the capability or talent, they have just been trained the wrong way.  Suzuki gave the example of Hiroko Yamada, a young girl who was slow in nature and when playing violin.  He used special exercises and games to change her slow demeanor.  These games greatly impacted her slow nature and she eventually became a member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Suzuki’s ideas really resonate with me.  I dropped out of choir in middle school because I was frustrated and felt I could never be able to sing.  I absolutely loved music, but was disheartened by the apathetic nature of my teacher.  I wish I could have had the privilege to have been developing my musical skills at this time.  As a teacher, I would strive to help students realized their abilities and push them to reach their full potential.  According to Suzuki, talent has to “be developed.”  It is my job at a teacher to help  students develop these talents and become successful musicians. 


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